Early Care & Education Legislative Update

We all know early childhood development is critical to the potential future of the child. If we do nothing else, we should support this.

-Supervisor John J. Benoit, Riverside County District 4

CrowdRiverside County desert stakeholders recently came together to discuss early care and education during the Riverside County Child Care Consortium’s annual legislative meeting. Attendees shared resources, information and updates on efforts to support the healthy development of our youngest children.

First 5 Riverside from Head to Toe


Research shows that the prenatal period and first five years of life are exceptionally critical for a child’s future development. During infancy and early childhood children are flooded with new experiences that impact their brain development. The first five years of a child’s life offer parents and caregivers an important opportunity to positively shape a child’s growth and development.

To help, First 5 Riverside supports more than 40 different programs and services throughout Riverside County focused on building a strong foundation for success in school and throughout life. Here is a snapshot of our support from head to toe.