Easy make and take puzzles

20150406_194900My boys like mixing things up and creating their own fun. So, we searched the options online and found some new creative puzzle ideas to try out. Once made, I’ll be taking these on the road to keep my tots busy when we need to wait at restaurants or during the trip. 

Here are 5 fun ones we found:


Grab a printer and some scissors for these easy paper animal puzzles from itsy bitsy fun.



Color and cut paper plate puzzles from Laughing Kids Learn. 




IMG_7546Sunbleached alphabet and shape puzzle from S.B. Creatively. You could probably use foam letters or toy shapes too. Great puzzle idea to recognize letters and more.




motherpuzzMotherhood on a dime lays out steps to creating craft stick puzzles using photos and popsicle sticks.




20150406_195251Stickers, cereal boxes and pizza. . . .oh my! Preschool Express shares how everyday objects can be transformed into learning tools.



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