Easy make and take puzzles

20150406_194900My boys like mixing things up and creating their own fun. So, we searched the options online and found some new creative puzzle ideas to try out. Once made, I’ll be taking these on the road to keep my tots busy when we need to wait at restaurants or during the trip. 

Here are 5 fun ones we found:


Grab a printer and some scissors for these easy paper animal puzzles from itsy bitsy fun.



Color and cut paper plate puzzles from Laughing Kids Learn. 




IMG_7546Sunbleached alphabet and shape puzzle from S.B. Creatively. You could probably use foam letters or toy shapes too. Great puzzle idea to recognize letters and more.




motherpuzzMotherhood on a dime lays out steps to creating craft stick puzzles using photos and popsicle sticks.




20150406_195251Stickers, cereal boxes and pizza. . . .oh my! Preschool Express shares how everyday objects can be transformed into learning tools.



Balancing marriage, work and two boys under 3, there’s little time to stop, rest and bask in the moments of parenting gone right. I’m learning to keep on the Go-Go tackling the next mini family crisis, multi-tasking and keeping my babies busy all while standing on one foot.  Make no mistake, I am no super mom though. Here, I plan to share my struggles, triumphs, fun with the kiddos, sanity savers and more. Hopefully you will find my ramblings amusing if nothing else. Cheers to parenthood!

WANTED: Tips for the early years

From the beginning of time, new parents have received advice whether they want it or not.

We’ve all been there. Mom, dad, grandma, auntie, cousins, friends, neighbors, co-workers, bosses―everyone provides their thoughts on pregnancy, those first days after birth, getting baby to sleep, teething, toilet training and more once a pregnancy is announced.

But what about the tips they didn’t tell you? You know the ones you discover by chance, in the midst of a parent meltdown or when it’s all too late.

For instance, your co-workers share checklists of diaper supplies, but forget to impart how squirmy your bundle of joy will be and ideas to keep them occupied while you’re performing diaper duty. Funny disguises, diaper changing only toys, clown noses, noisemaker, travel wipe holder and old wallets all work long enough to diaper.

What are your best tips they didn’t tell you?

Contribute to our virtual tip jar by emailing us your best tips related to issues parents could face in the early years of parenthood to jayala@rccfc.org with the subject line: Parent Tip. All participants will receive a free book.

Tips will be shared later this year through our NEW Parenthood: The Early Years campaign, a joint effort between First 5 Riverside and First 5 San Bernardino to create exciting solutions, hands-on experiences and resources for real issues parents face today.

Stay connected with us to learn more.

Change Today for a Brighter Tomorrow Part I: Talk, Read, Support

If there was one thing parents could do today to help their child have a better future, what would it be?

We took this question to our early childhood health, development and education experts. They provided incredible doable tips. Over the next three weeks, we’ll post their advice.

Today, we’ll focus on early learning with the help of Barbara Carmody, director of Mt. San Jacinto College’s Child Development and Education Centers.