Skip the Book, Tell Your Story

Storytelling is one of the oldest and most common forms of entertainment. It’s a means for people to pass their beliefs, values and traditions on from one generation to another.  Storytelling helps build vocabulary and oral language skills by teaching them how to communicate verbally. It can also broaden knowledge and understanding of the world and stimulate social-emotional well-being.

As stories are shared, children are compelled to use their imagination differently than with a picture book. Storytelling encourages children to create the imagery of the story on their own.  By being very descriptive, you will help capture the child’s attention and inspire them to create their own pictures.

5 Steps to Storytelling Sans Books: 

  1. Pick a time to tell a story without being too picky
  2. Become a storyteller
  3. The best stories are the ones you don’t tell
  4. Encourage personal connections
  5. Don’t worry if the first try flops