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Asthma Management

The goal of this initiative is to reduce the negative impact of asthma and asthma-like conditions on children and increase their ability to be successful in school. Funded agencies provide education, assessments, management and referral for treatment related to asthma, and asthma–like conditions among Riverside County children 0 through age 5 are provided by the
Riverside County Department of Public Health and Loma Linda University.


Breastfeeding Support

The Riverside County Department of Public Health-Loving Support Program and San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital provide support services for families and professionals serving families, including a 24-hour countywide, toll free helpline (888-451-2499), home visitation services for mothers in greatest need of lactation support services, online resource information for pregnant women and lactating mothers experiencing difficulties, organizational assistance, education and training regarding breastfeeding policies, practices and standards.


Growing Healthy Minds

This initiative’s goal is to promote social competence by preventing and treating disruptive behavior disorders. It is designed to support a full continuum of primary prevention, screening/early identification and early intervention, and treatment interventions, targeting one or more high risk communities with the goal of significantly increasing early childhood social competence and decreasing the development of disruptive behavior disorders. The Riverside County University Health System-Behavioral Health Set-4-School & Family Service Association Kids First provide services under this initiative. Visit for more resources.


Nutrition & Physical Activity

The Riverside County Department of Public Health-Nutrition Services and Health Program provides countywide Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care trainings, certification, technical assistance and site Child and Adult Care Food Program implementation support to address obesity prevention and intervention.


Targeted Health Home Visitation

To improve birth and health outcomes, the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services provides education, assessments, case managemnet and other support to very high-risk families.

Addressing Riverside County's Pediatrician Shortage

The Riverside County Children and Families Commission and the University of California-Riverside School of Medicine are partnering to address the critical need for pediatric care that challenges hundreds of families with young children. Through First 5 Riverside funding, UCR has created prevention-based pediatric residency, research and loan-to-scholarship programs to encourage students to train and stay as primary care pediatricians in Riverside County. For more information, email