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Early Childhood Oral Health Assessment (ECOHA)

The ECOHA is a digital survey for home visitors to identify children’s risk for dental disease and provide families with tailored education, resources, and connections to dental care.

Home Visitors and Oral Health

Despite being largely preventable, dental caries—tooth decay—is the number one chronic disease among children. It is especially prevalent among low-income children of color. Keeping children healthy at home is one of the best strategies for avoiding dental disease. The goal of ECOHA is to empower home visitors to address the oral health needs of young children by using technology. To learn more about home visitation programs in Riverside County, visit this page.

How it Works 

  • Home visitors can access ECOHA on Apricot 360, First 5 Riverside’s digital tool to support home visitors in managing their care of families 
  • They follow the prompts to ask families about their oral health knowledge and behaviors ·
  • Home visitors then provide oral health education to families and refer them to dental care, as needed

To Learn More, Contact 1-800-266-3880 or Email [email protected]

ECOHA Factsheet for Home Visitors & Families

ECOHA Factsheet for Home Visitors & Families

ECOHA Postcard for Families

ECOHA Postcard for Families

For Children with Medi-Cal

Visit Smile California's website or call Medi-Cal's Telephone Service Center at 1-800-322-6384.

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Help Me Grow Inland Empire

Help Me Grow Inland Empire provides assistance with dental and other resources. Visit the Help Me Grow IE website or call 1-888-464-4316.

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History of ECOHA

The Early Childhood Oral Health Assessment electronic mobile application was developed as part of the Inland Empire’s Local Dental Pilot Project (LDPP-IE), called IE Smiles, which ended on December 31, 2020.

Through the pilot, community health workers throughout Riverside and San Bernardino counties were provided with electronic tablets loaded with the ECOHA app, available in both English and Spanish. They conducted ECOHA with tens of thousands of families throughout the Inland Empire, providing oral health education and connecting them to care.


Read lessons learned and best practices from the pilot here.


Learn about the results of ECOHA and other oral health activities in the Inland Empire